We’re a non-profit, established to overcome some of the barriers that regional students face, and we’re community led. We aim to share stories to inspire others to follow their ambitions for higher education and we want to create a vibrant community where locals feel like they belong. Students have a powerful ability to support other students, as well as influence others with their advocacy for our cause. The ambassador program is a fundamental part of what we do.

It’s important to know:

  • About half of our students are the first in their family to study at university
  • Many students experience different challenges while studying, are developing skills and strategies they need to succeed in their course, and benefit from peer support and modelling

 About the Student Ambassador Program

The program has a number of different aims. Ambassadors:

  • share their unique, real and inspiring stories about university study and the CUC
  • help to provide peer support and build community for everyone registered at the CUC
  • represent students and provide a voice that is critical to the success and development of services and facilities offered by the CUC
  • develop or refine their leadership skills as they make these contributions

Ambassador benefits

This is an unpaid, volunteer role which provides a wide range of rewarding experiences and opportunities to develop a wider range of skills. All ambassadors receive a branded hoodie and certificate and reference recognising their contribution.

Ambassador requirements

Any student registered with the Country Universities Centre who is passionate about sharing their CUC experience and enhancing opportunities for their peers can apply to become a volunteer ambassador. All ambassadors commit to conducting themselves as respectful members and representatives of the CUC.

After successfully completing your orientation and being inducted as ambassadors, you are expected to commit between up to 10 hours of your time to the program. Ambassadors elect to make a range of different contributions, from short public speaking opportunities to writing blog posts to representing students at formal events.

Your application form will tell us more about you and what you hope to achieve and gain from the program.

Download the application package.